Inclusion SEBA project we have found that

Inclusion of women in Community Support Group: 

To institutionalize
citizen’s participation and growing ownership among citizens about UPs, we have
formed one community support group in each Union consists of 27 members,
through constant motivation and painstaking communication of IDEA-SEBA project.
Though each union consists 9 wards we have selected three influential persons
including one female from each ward. So from each ward there is one woman who
represents her ward as a community support group member. After having a
comprehensive orientation and different trainings on LGSP-2 and social
accountability those women members are actively participating in UP meetings,
ward Shovas, court yard meetings. As well as they claim their queries from UPs
for LGSP-2 and it’s project implementation.

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Inclusion of women in ward shavas:

In the very
beginning of SEBA project we have found that there is lack of willingness of
women to participate in ward shavas. So it was a challenge for us to make them
aware about their rights to participate and express their opinion. To encounter
this challenge regular court yard meeting plays an important role. When the
women came to know about LGSP-2 and it’s different sectors of development they
became interested. Through these court yard meetings and regular communication
of CSG members, women came to know about the services of UPs and how to claim
that. During last ward shovas (March-April’2015) it has been found among all
participants around 40-45% participants are female. Not only participating but
also women raise their voices on their demands and needs. Through these women’s
roar in Ward shavas, some of the UPs have taken schemes on sewing especially
for women.

proficiency of UP bodies, WC and SSC through training on LGSP-2:

The aim of
these training was to compact UP bodies, ward committee and scheme supervision
committee members and to aware them about social accountability and its tools. Through these training,
IDEA-SEBA team conveyed the issues related to SEBA project goal, objective,
responsibilities of WC & SSC and facilitate them about LGSP-2, as well as
three accountability tools namely Social Audit, Community Score Card and Public
hearing. Through this facilitation

Respective Ward Committee and
scheme supervision committee members are aware about their roles &
responsibilities, Social accountability and its tools. UPs are confined to
engage those committees in implementation to enhance their transparency. 


proficiency of UP bodies, WC and SSC through training on RTI Act -2009:

The aim of
the training was to disseminate right to information act 2009. And to aware UP
bodies as an authority under this act to provide and disseminate information.
As well as applying procedure for information and where and how to seek it.
Across the training facilitation of SEBA team, participants have acquire the knowledge to
seek information on LGSP-2 Projects and they claimed to have all information
about this projects, if the information (Scheme, allocation, tender, procurement
etc) are being provided properly it will help to monitor the projects and that
will bring transparency in UP’s activities. During these trainings all of the
UPs demanded the gadget copy of RTI Act-2009. In compliance IDEA-SEBA project
has provided the particular gadget copy including application format to all
nine UPs. Union parishads, WC & SSC were totally ignore and
unaware about RTI Act–2009. By arraigning this successful training they knew
about right to information and we are optimist that it will help to increase
access to information among UP bodies and community people.


Sector wise development plan and implementation

Through the
facilitation of IDEA-SEBA project respective 9 UPs of Dakshin Surma Upazilla
are now proactively conducting ward shovas according to UP operational manual.
To ensure mass participation in ward shovas UPs are initiating different
initiatives as letter distribution, announcement through miking, announcement
through mosque etc. These initiatives have significantly reflected during 2nd
cycle of ward shovas for the fiscal year 2015-2016. Especially UPs are
encouraging women participation in ward shovas and through the mobilization of
IDEA-SEBA project people are more concern about their rights and participation
in UP development.

During this
fiscal year 6 UPs have initiated different sector wise schemes according to the
demand of local community. This was different from their previous tradition.
Usually UPs are comfortable with communication schemes, but through the round
year facilitation 6 out of 9 UPs have taken various sectored schemes as,

education sector 6 UPs have taken different schemes as providing desk-benches
at 3 schools of Jalalpur UP, Providing education materials for poor students at
6 no ward of Mollargaon UP. As well as SIlam, Tentli, Baraikandi and Lalabazar
UP have taken different schemes on construction of boundary wall at Lawai govt
primary school, Baraikandi. Molding of the play ground of Chokerbazar primary
school at SIlam UP etc.

In Human
resource development sectors 7 out of 9 UPs have selected schemes for the
fiscal year 2015-2016. Most of the seven UPs are initiating the project namely,
Empowerment of marginalized women through sewing training and distribution of
sewing machine. Jalalpur UP has taken an initiative to train some selected
youths around the UPs on computer and IT.

sector was a dark part of UPs for initiating schemes. Because they were unknown
how to take schemes on health as well as concerned about auditing process and
schemes visibility. This misunderstanding has erased through various training
and facilitation from IDEA-SEBA project. 5 out of 9 UPs has allocated their
budget on different health related schemes as free health camp for marginalized
pregnant women at Silam UP. Conduct Health therapy session for disabled persons
at Baraikandi, Lalabazar and Mollargaon UP.  
Arrange campaign for mass awareness on Child nutrition etc. 

Apart from
these sectors all of the 9 UPs have taken schemes on communication. Jalalpur UP
has taken a scheme for local market development through drainage system. 5 out
of 9 UPs have taken schemes on safe water supply for outreached haor people.
These initiatives and changes have occurred due to aware community and their
participation to claim their rights from UPs as well as mobilized service
provider are more concern about their accountability towards community. 

Community Score card process enlighten transparency and
accountability of UPs

of community score card at union level has made a positive impact both for UPs
and communities. Through this people are now aware of the services available,
whom to seek service of UPs as well as they are able to recommend UPs how to
improve present situation which helps to make them feel ownership towards their
elected Union Parishad.

As a result all the09 UPs have developed their notice
board and placed all kind of necessary information as yearly budget, planning,
WC & SSC list, UP Standing committee list, Social safety-net list, LGSP II
allocations and implementations etc. The notice board has been newly designed
as a display board, so that anyone can have access to information. As well as,
respective UPs are taking initiatives to prepare citizen charter for a wide
display of UP services and responsible person list.

Regarding accountability during 2nd phase of
ward shovas (Oct-Dec’15)all of the UPs have conducted ward shovas with
community participation ensuring women and it has been found that proper
proclamation has been done at ward level to ensure mass
participation.Furthermore, WC and SSC committees have been reformed according
to the opinion of local community, which was previously a mist for community.


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