Information are used to for accounting management. The

Information systems is used in wide variety of areas. The areas such as human resource management, marketing and sales, inventory management. It is used to gather the information, generate the data based on the gathered information and store it. It is being used by many organizations to meet their objectives and goals. Information system is adapted by many companies based on their requirement to improve outcome. Computer systems infrastructure is being used enormously and improved a lot during the period of time. By incorporating it, the business activities of companies and organizations have been made efficient and also improved to complete the activities of business fast.2.Evolution of Information systems InfrastructureInformation systems has been improved from time to time. It started from Manual systems, which are used to for accounting management. The accounting information was kept on paper. Then comes the evolution of computerized systems. Earlier there was single system which was used to perform single task of organization, then it has been improved to integrated systems where many business tasks are performed on same platform. Organizations used this systems until 1960. After that period, organizations used accounting information for all accounting activities such as paying salary to employees, invoices, keeping records of orders.Then in 1970 Material Requirement Planning has evolved. This was mainly focused in production department where all the materials being monitored. The inventory databases and bills of materials information was stored. There was a capacity constraint in Material Requirement Planning, which led to the evolution of MRP II where capacity constraint was fulfilled. MRP II then used in all areas of organization such as human resources, finance, logistics which led to the evolution of Enterprise Resource Planning where one platform can have all business activities within organization. The ERP II systems evolved to interact business activities with external environments.3.Trends in Information systems InfrastructureInformation systems is being used by many organizations in present time. It has been improved into efficient systems. Artificial Intelligence is one the computer system used to interpret business performance. Customers are interacted with organizations using information systems, they provide feedback and request for more information through it. E-Commerce is being used to sell goods. System developers also introduced many new ideas such as open programming to get new ideas.Rapid growth in technology is making us to expect more trends in future.4.ConclusionInformation systems is being used by many companies and organizations as it gives competitive advantage in their respective areas. It has helped the companies to conduct business activities in more efficient way which includes less time, cost and with improved performance.