Introduction causing a lot of trouble. According to



According to The National Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA)’s definition, climate change is a change in the usual weather found in a place. It could be a change of temperature, rainfall, or snowfall. Weather can change in just a few hours. Climate takes hundreds or even millions of years to change.

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Walking into twenty-first century, climate on earth is moving toward some extreme situation and it is causing some real serious consequences. The sustainable development of global warming is causing the rising of sea, growing of lake bed as the water level drops and more others. Due to the temperature changes, the plant’s cycle is deranged, cocoa trees are dying out. Nature disaster is getting more and more active.


Serious famine and poverty is breaking out in the eastern part of African continent. In these less developed country, farming is the best or even the only occupation choice for most of the people to subsist. The irregular status of extreme weather is causing a lot of trouble. According to UN agencies that at least twenty-million of people are suffering in East Africa.


From the investigation of local communities in Ethiopia, the drought condition is caused by successive seasons with very low rainfall. Droughts were recorded every six to eight years in the past, they now occur every one to two years.


“The rain doesn’t come on time anymore. After we plant, the rain stops just as our crops start to grow. And it begins to rain after the crops have already been ruined” says a local farmer in Ethiopia during an interview.


The combination of higher temperatures and more unpredictable rains is alarming for food production. One recent estimate published by the Royal Society suggests much of east Africa could suffer a decline in the length of the growing period for key crops of up to 20% by the end of the century, with the productivity of beans falling by nearly 50%.


The decrease of rainfall also made an impact on pasture, giving all the livestock a hard time.


National Perspective


To look at the issue nationally,


In China, tourist attraction got destroyed during the attack of natural disaster.

On 8th of August in 2017, a magnitude 7 earthquake happens in Jiuzhaigou National Park and cause a serious damage to its popular scenic spot.

In places, the landscape has been dramatically altered. Sparkling Lake, one of the park’s most popular locations for taking selfies and holiday snaps, is now significantly smaller. The earthquake opened a wide, deep rift at the bottom of the lake and the water has been draining away.


Resort hotels and Restaurant were seriously damaged during earthquake, few tourists and staff lost their life through the disaster, tremendous of sadness had swallowed up the dead’s family.


Local Perspective


Hong Kong had been warming up in the last century or so. According to the hong kong observatory’s research, the extreme precipitation events have become more frequent and the hourly rainfall records are rising over years.


A signal 10 storm (the highest in Hong Kong’s storm warning system) was issued in 23rd of August in 2017. It was only the 15th No 10 signal since 1946, with the last being Typhoon Vicente in July 2012. The deadly storm was named Hato, it cause flood, damage to property, loosing of productivity. When market analysts calculate the economic cost of typhoon to the city it reach 8 billion hong kong dollars. A hundred and twenty-one injured were reported from the Headline daily. Around six hundred and ninety-two trees by the streets were broken and collapsed because of the strong storm.


Course Of Action


Climate change is causing the rising of temperature, ring of sea level, and the extreme weather events are getting more frequent. Scientists indicate that the climate change may not be stop but only slowing down, which paint a despair future for the creatures and the planet’s fate.


To have a regulation on the uncontrollable rising temperature, an international treaty had been made linking the countries and countries together called Kyoto Protocol. This treaty sets mandatory limits on greenhouse gas emissions which may decrease the amount of releasing carbon dioxide. By 2050, if the treaty had been carrying out precisely and been observed by all the countries who signed selflessly, it is possible to reduce the temperature growth around 0.02?—0.28?.


The changing of climate should be gaining more attention and became an issue that everyone concern. Government should take the role on promoting speeches and booklet to raise awareness of people and get ready to the changes by strengthen the constructing of the city(Macau’s drainage system). At the same time ,as an individual, we should be conscientious on being environmentally friendly. Use less paper for saving trees, use recycle bag to reduce plastic wastage and remove extra bulbs to reduce light pollution.


Evaluation Of Sources Used


Personal Perspective


Through writing this piece of essay, I have a deeper understanding and a wider view of the world climate situation.


How earth’s climate walking into an extreme state is going to be an unavoidable ending. We as a tiny individual should all be conscious about the situation in our own country and city. Read news and stay awake to the changes.


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