INTRODUCTION would ease, reduce time and human resources


As many tertiary Institution had chosen to pursue ways to
improve and produce dynamic educational option online, the gain and advantages
on e-learning cannot be overemphasize since emergence of information and
communication technology (ICT) in our societies. ICT is widely used for
enabling societies to produce, access, adapt and apply information in greater
quantities and other varied purposes. In the recent years Information
Technology (IT) has become very impressive in services, this is due to his
extraordinary contribution in the field of management of the information.
Indeed, computer can be describe as an automated processing of information by a
specific system machine or abstract. This also includes IT, all the science and
technology related to the processing of information. Automated processing is
used for describing any term that has been automated through the use computers
or software. Hence, an automated processing requires less time and human
resource to complete or deliver a task. Clearance is required of a
student who is either under-graduating, graduating or dropping from the course
anytime during the school year or the semester or transferring to another
school. Students should be cleared from all financial obligations and
administrative accountabilities from the different units of the university
before documents such as transcript of records, certification, transfer
credential and other similar record is issued. Clearance involves gaining permission to have access
to sensitive or secret document and other information. An automated student clearance
system would ease, reduce time and human resources required for or during
clearance process and also checkmate issues arising from the manual process faced
by graduating student.

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 The Federal University
Lokoja is a federal government university in Lokoja – Kogi State, in North
Central Nigeria. It was established in 16th February, 2011 alongside eight (8)
other federal universities by Former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. The
university consist of two faculties namely; faculty of arts and social science
and faculty of science, which carry out various degree programmes.

In line with its vision “to be the best among the nine newly
established federal universities in Nigeria in 2011 and one of the top ten
ranking university in Africa”, the need for information systems are necessary.
Hence, an automated student clearance system would go a long way not only in
alleviating problems and stress on both students and staff but also go further
in achieving the institution’s vision.



The process of clearing student in Federal University Lokoja,
Lokoja – Kogi State after graduation requires all students to be cleared in
various departments in the University. These departments include:

Faculty Clearance

Bursary Clearance

Library Clearance

Academic Affairs

Clinic Clearance

Security Unit Clearance

for a graduating student to carry out his/her clearance form from all these
departments its stressful and normally takes a lot of time, lot of processes
and may even lead to delaying the student for certification program (NYSC) as
well as collection of statement of results. So, it became imperative for a
computer based automated student clearance system to eliminate the shortcoming
of the manual system being practiced.


The aim of this project is to examine how school
clearance system can be automated, computerized and accessed online.



main objective of this research project is analyzing the current system and
come up with a new system that provides the following a solution.

To effectively
and efficiently process students clearance.

To alleviate
the problems and stress of travelling and queuing up of student during

To provide a
reliable and transparent system devoid of personal
inclination and interest.

To provide
borderless access.

Support students to know how clearance are progressing.

To ensure
prompt clearance.

Support staff to get information about
how students are clearing.



research project will to a great extent ease the clearance process of
graduating student in the University curtailing the stress of moving from
various offices to department in university by the development of a system that
can offer better data handling and time saving by offering clearance certificate
online and students are also notified when clearance is completed or if any
issue arises during his/her clearance via his/her email or phone sms




software methodology used to be used in the project is the Structured System
Analysis and Design Methodology (SSADM). 
The method is to be use to easily project and analyze the new system since
there are base on text and diagrams and it is also object oriented. The three
important techniques used in structured system analysis and design methodology

Logical Data Modeling: The process of identifying, modeling
and documenting the data requirements of the system to be design.

Data Flow Modeling: The process of identifying, modeling and
documenting how data moves around the information system.

Entity Event Modeling: The events that affect each entity and
the sequence for which the event occurs and for each event the process to
coordinate entity life histories.

During design and
implementation of the propose project, the following software and hardware will
be needed: 



Development PC:                                PC
with MS Windows 10

Server PC:                                           PC
with 500Gb hard drive



MySQL:                                              For our database.

PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS:           Programming

Adobe Dreamweaver/Sublime            for
designing the website.

XAMPP:                                             Local host.





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the original on 2013-03-19. Retrieved 2010-12-17.


Awuzie, S.C.
Design and Implementation of Online Student Clearance System: A Case Study of
Caritas University Amorji-Nike, Enugu State, Nigeria. A project submitted in
partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Bachelor of Science
(B.Sc) in Computer Science.




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