Introduction for advertisements or fashion magazines such


What is fashion photography? Well fashion photography is
where photographers displaying and play around with clothing and other fashion
items like accessories in different ways such as on models or even on its own
in a creative art form. Fashion photography is mostly used for advertisements
or fashion magazines such as Elle, Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar. Fashion photography
first appearance was in the American and French magazine such as Harper’s
Bazaar and La mode Pratique. Later on in 1909, Conde Nast took over Vogue
magazine and also participated in fashion photography.  Photographic imagines have played a key role
in defining global fashion culture. It has been engaging with new technologies
and challenged ideals of beauty. Printed media on fashion photography are
everywhere these days such as accounts of photographers, designers, magazines,
newspaper, as well as digital media such as banner ad, social media, mobile
advertising to reach a wider range of  target audiences.

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In this essay, I will be mentioning the purpose of fashion
photography and discussing the different types of fashion photography and what
each one is used for in more depth as well as the things that go in to creating
fashion photographs. I will also be talking about the issue on Photoshop used
in creating fashion photographs and how it affects the society. I will also mention
few different types of fashion photographers and their work. And lastly I’ll be
discussing the pros and cons about the overall topic on fashion photography.










In the1920s, the purpose of fashion photography was to simply
record women wearing clothing and how they should behave in society. However
the purpose of fashion photography’s and women’s visual representation has
changed with each decade, according to the economic, cultural, technological
advances and social. Fashion photographs became visual representations of
history, with each image conveying certain manners, moods, artistic influences,
trends, styles and society’s expectations of how women should conduct themselves.
Fashion photography is made up on a bundle of practices such as advertising,
beauty, editorial, and portraiture and involves a range of skilled creative’s
and business people such as stylists, models, photographers, artists,
designers, advertisers, hairstylists, creative and artistic directors, set
builders, makeup artists and so on, brought together by shared goals and
contexts. The fashion photograph is not just any photography; it bears little
relation to the news photograph or to the snapshot, for example; it has its own
units and rules; within photographic communication, it forms a specific language
which on doubt has its own dictionary and syntax, its own banned or approved’
turns of phrase’. Now fashion photographs are spread everywhere on magazines,
posters such as on bus stops, buses, shops, even on social media, catalog,
online website, look book on blogs, newspapers. This is all a marketing
business to gather wider range of audiences to buy clothes or fashion item,
also to show what’s on trend making them updated on fashion lifestyle.

There are many types of fashion photography such as editorial
fashion photography which is for the purpose of publication of magazines and
newspaper. The images of editorial are usually meant to accompany text and can
cover a wide range of subjects. Editorials are used to illustrate a article, text,
story or an idea within the context of a magazine or to embellish a certain
theme visually. It can also be in any genre such as fashion, sports, portrait,
photojournalism, landscape and many more. Editorial photographs may also tell a
story by themselves without a written word or may be accompanied by a short
topic or title of an intended story. But this is what happens in the field of
fashion. Fashion editorial are often feature photographs as full page on a
particular concept or theme, model, designer or other single topic. Fashion editorial
are not about ton of clothes. These editorials are more about the mood and the
situation the garments would be worn in. Not every editorial has to be on
location, outdoors, or have a lot of props. Some are simple with grey backdrop.
Shooting a model in front of a seamless gray backdrop can be very editorial
depending on the clothing, lighting, makeup, etc. Magazine also include beauty
editorials that focus on makeup,hair and/or accessories. Usually fashion
editorials are highly styled; they give a lot of creative freedom that is
controlled by photographer.