Introduction Practice Research utilization applies information from


practice and research utilization are two methods of implementing research into
nursing practice, and within evidence-based practice there are multiple methods
to guide through the process (Polit & Beck, 2017; Schaffer, et al., 2012). Additionally,
there are different methods and databases for finding research evidence that
are applicable to nursing practice (Mateo & Foreman, 2014). Using nursing-based
databases for finding research and using the ACE model to implement findings
are the best methods for evidence-based practice for the advanced practice
nurse in the adult critical care setting.

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and Evidence-Based Practice

Research utilization
applies information from a study or set of studies to a practical setting and
begins with the research itself (Polit & Beck, 2017). In contrast, evidence-based
practice incorporates multiple levels of care and uses research to answer a
clinical question (Aronoff et al., 2017; Polit & Beck, 2017).

Practice as an Advanced Practice Nurse

Evidence based
practice and research are important in advanced practice nursing because both
allow for the answering of clinical questions and therefore create standardized
care in the best interests of the patients (Mateo & Foreman, 2014). The
main emphasis of evidence-based practice is to provide quality care to patients
based on information found in research (Stevens, 2013). Once implemented,
evidenced based practice has been shown to improve patient outcomes, to forward
nursing as a science, to ensure methods used are recent and relevant, and to
promote certainty in decision-making (Jyothi, 2012; Stevens, 2013).

of Evidence-Based Practice

As a part of the
Family Nurse Practitioner track with experience in adult critical care, my
focus would be on improving patient outcomes in the adult population with a
focus on an individual method. The ACE Star Model is a guide for transferring
research into practice that can be used either by an individual or by an
organization (Schaffer, et al., 2012). The process begins with a question relevant
to the clinical setting that can be resolved with evidence from research (Polit
& Beck, 2017; Schaffer, et al., 2012). Once the question has been
developed, the nurse must then find evidence, and then evaluate the quality of
the evidence and if it is pertinent to the research question (Polit & Beck,
2017; Schaffer, et al., 2012). The advanced practice nurse must then incorporate
the findings into the clinical practice (Polit & Beck, 2017; Schaffer, et al.,
2012). Finally, it is important to evaluate if the implementation of the
research was effective in improving practice (Polit & Beck, 2017; Schaffer,
et al., 2012).

Search Results

In my nursing
experience in a cardiac and surgical critical care unit we have a high
incidence of sepsis that is accompanied by a high mortality rate. Therefore, I
used the CINAHL database to focus on nursing articles as well as PubMED for a
broader look at medical articles. For both, I initially searched nursing and
sepsis, using the Boolean operator “AND” to make sure both terms were included
in each article (Aronoff et al., 2017; Mateo & Foreman, 2014). I then
narrowed the articles by whether a full text of the article was available, then
by if the article was published in the last five years. Through PubMED, I there
were 285 articles that met the initial search criteria. In contrast, CINAHL
generated 51 articles. The PubMED articles seemed to be focused on countries
with low income and poor medical infrastructure. Additionally, the articles
seemed to focus on sepsis in a narrow scope of patients. Conversely, the CINAHL
articles discussed education to reduce patient mortality, communication among
nurses to more quickly identify sepsis, and standards of care to improve
patient outcomes. So even though both searches had the term “nursing” included,
because CINAHL is a nursing-based database it was more effective than PubMED
for finding articles where nursing was the focus. Also, it generated a more
concise number of articles where there were many options but not an
overwhelming amount.


practice is more effective than research utilization for answering a clinical
question with respect to a patient population and specific outcomes (Polit
& Beck, 2017). There are different models of evidence-based practice that
the advanced practice nurse can use to answer clinical questions and implement
findings (Polit & Beck, 2017; Schaffer, et al., 2012). Additionally, there
are multiple databases and methods for searching for evidential articles and
those databases pertaining to nursing were found to be the most applicable to
the adult critical care population (Aronoff et al., 2017; Mateo & Foreman,



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