Introduction the menu in an easy way.


Nowadays it’s unable to decide what to order in hotels and
restaurant as the menu of the hotel is large and customer don’t understand how
it tastes and how much time it will take for making the dish. Therefore I
decided to make an app for Hotels and Restaurant which will help them to
specify the menu in an easy way. The MMH (Mobile Menu Hotel) changes the old
style of giving and receiving orders in Hotels and Restaurant. Food orders can
be taken on a Mobile or Tablet. The Menu will contain the dishes specified by
the restaurant or hotel. Each menu item will have

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Some description of the food item

Ratings are given by other customers

Image for better knowledge of the dish

Time required for making that item

The cost of the dish (food item)

The customer could also use the Mobile or TAB provided, for
reserving a table. Feedback and ratings can also be taken about the dish
(item).It also takes the suggestion of the user (customer) for any good changes



My Project will have following Modules.

Dish categories

In this module, there will be different categories link to
another page e.g. Indian dish, Italian Dishes, Punjabi Dishes, soup, Meal
Course, Sweets, etc.…


In this module, customer are able to search their favourite
dish is available or not.


In this module, there will be Description of the searched or
selected food item.

 Place order

In this module, the customer will place his order.

and Rating

In this module, the customer can give his rating and review
about dish and hotel services.


of Module


The Module will contain the different types and categories of
dishes available in hotel and restaurant when the customer clicks on the
categories or type of dishes they wanted then the app will show all the dishes
available in that type or category :-

E.g. Category:
– Soup: Manchow soup

                                     Vegetable soup

 Noodle soup

 Palak soup

 Corn soup

 Hot and sour soup


It will
also have filter tab which will allow customer to set there price below which they
want the Dish and will make user to add the dish to Place order module



This Module
will contain

I. Search
box :- This will allow customer to give input ,the name of the
dish they                             want to

II. Button: – This will
allow taking input.

III. Filter tab: – This
will allow customer to set Filter so that the search can become                                     easy.



This will contain
or specify the description of the dish.

It will
also have reviews and rating of other customer and will allow user to add the
dish to place order module.



Place order

Number box: – It will allow customer to set
quantity and set the order how and which dish will came at start and end.

Button :- It will have a button which
will take input and place the order.


Review and

Text area :- It will allow user to give the
review about the service and food.

Rating stars :- Used to give star rating to
the dish (food).



Advantages for Hotels and Restaurant:

1.     It will
make easy for hotels and restaurant to take and manage orders.

2.     It will
also make billing easy for hotels and restaurant.

3.     It will
also make easy which dish is famous and which dish is not good.

4.     They can
also make good changes if the review given is related to it.


Advantages for Customer:

1.     Customer
will know how the food quality is by seeing the reviews and rating of that

2.     Customer
will also know which dish is quickly available while they are in hurry.

3.     It will
also give customer an idea how to dish look.

4.     It will
also help customer to know whether the food item is within their budget or not.



Disadvantages for Hotels and Restaurant:

1.     It is hard
to maintain the database.

2.     Updation
will be required instantly if they want to include new dish or exclude the old


Advantages for Customer:

1.     Customer
should know how the app and its module are used.

2.     All the
dishes will not be available which they want.


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