Introduction: asked to create a BIA based on


X Axis is a
renowned private cancer hospital located in Las Vegas. The hospital maintains a
critical database that includes patient data for all patients. You are asked to
create a BIA based on this database. If this database was inaccessible for six
or more hours, what would be the impact?

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what type of risk-based impacts X Axis would encounter in such a situation.

         Reduction from claiming confidence, delay for
BCP, customer disappointment.

are the potential business impacts in the emergency room (ER)?

Hospital facility will be movement spot
to those patients who fallen for those medication in view no historical
backdrop will be retrieved as database is down. People attempting on doctor’s
facilities if must impart verbally as little information will be retrieved. If
challenging should provide for medicine with patients Similarly as which
medication is A while ago endorsed to tolerant. Emergency room is overflowed
with people and more data ought to be composed manually Concerning illustration
no information is found.


are the potential business impacts in the doctor offices?

Those issue with patient
fulfillment , negligence , challenging will stay with disappointments and        outrage on his/her staff , Financial
challenges, other applications may be affected.


are the potential business impacts in other hospital locations such as patient
rooms, or surgical wards?

Hospital’s facilities might be
overflowed with patients; such tremendous crowd might not make took care of
Eventually patient’s perusing the doctor’s facilities. Customer disappointment
will be high.


any other issues that might be impacted with the loss of the most prominent

Pending charging of the patient
will be obscure , record about patient disease, solution prescribed, lawsuits
Furthermore fines , powerlessness to operate.











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