IntroductionThesis Carthage, where he was defeated by Scipio

IntroductionThesis Statement: Roman warfare was one of the most important things to the Romans and their culture and it has affected the entire world and its history. WRITE LASTBody Paragraph OneMost people think of Roman warfare as tough men fighting with swords, but they actually used their spears a lot more than their swords.Livy lived in Rome for many years and talked about how the Romans would throw their spears before fighting with their swords.In many battles, the Romans would throw spears for hours and only fought with their swords when they had to.The spears came in many sizes and forms, some being really long and others being short to be thrown easier.Body Paragraph TwoWhile the Romans used their swords and spears, they also used elephants in many of their battles, which are now compared to modern tanks. Roman war elephants were used to run over the enemy while also providing a high ground for someone on top of the elephant.They were very intimidating and strong just like the very dangerous tanks we have now and are surprisingly similar.The Roman elephants were only used in a few battles because of their instability and flaws.Body Paragraph ThreeOne of the most well-known leaders of Rome was Caesar and it was because of his military power and accomplishments.Caesar conquered many cities such as Gaul, Britain, Egypt, and part of Germany.Caesar trained his army very well with lots of discipline and his military tactics and training are still used today.One of his biggest wars was the Gallic wars, in which Caesar was made very popular and gained Rome even more land and Power.Body Paragraph FourThe Punic Wars are one of the most well-known wars in Rome and make a huge impact on Rome and its culture.Rome and Carthage were some of the most advanced and biggest civilizations of their time, but they were also arch enemies.Hannibal was able to defeat Rome in several battles before he had to defend Carthage, where he was defeated by Scipio AfricanusRome still saw Carthage as a threat, especially Cato, so they sent Scipio Aemilianus and their army to destroy it, which they eventually did.Body Paragraph FiveThe Power in Rome was very important as it shifted a lot and had to do with many of the losses and victories.The outcomes of the wars had to do with who was in charge, like Caesar.If Rome had a bad leader, you could see it in their economy and in their military, but not always.Usually, the leaders were also very good in battle because that’s what mostly got them into high positions.Body Paragraph SixRoman soldiers were known to be some of the toughest and well-trained soldiers and they had a busy life.There were two types of Roman soldiers, the legionaries, some of the best, and the auxiliaries, who were not Roman citizens.When they fought in battle they had to work together and formed phalanxes to protect themselves.They would launch their artillery and spears and then fight with swords and shields.Body Paragraph SevenThe Romans used many tactics and weapons in war leading to the success of their city.The Romans used many weapons such as the gladius, a short sword, the pilum, a javelin, the hasta, a spear, and many other weaponsThe Romans had many different tactics and formations, like flanking to win battles.The phalanx was one of the most popular, where they held shield against each other to form a sort of wall.Body Paragraph EightFor the Roman army to work, the soldiers had to be very disciplined and have lots of motivation.The Roman soldiers would receive rewards, like money and promotions if they were good and disciplined.If a soldier had been bad they would punish him by a loss of pay, a loss of promotion, slavery, or even death.The soldiers also had to swear an oath to the emperor, which also made them very loyal.Body Paragraph NineWhile Romans were great on land, they were also good on water too.Their first major navy contained a hundred quinqueremes and about twenty triremes.One of the Romans major naval battles was the battle of Actium between Octavian and Mark Antony with Cleopatra, in which Octavian wonThe Romans would also have a small land army on board to take over other ships, while on seaBody Paragraph TenRome conquered so much land and property, they had to give it to people.After battles, they would usually make sacrifices to the Gods and celebrate.When they returned they would have a triumph, where the commander would be given lots of gold and glory.Some commanders would also get or make works of art and sculptures, like Pompey’s theatre.Body Paragraph ElevenSince Rome’s army was so big, they had to have lots of organization among their troops.The Roman army was split into groups called legions which contained about five thousand men.Legions were broken down even further into ten cohorts and then into six centuriae which contained ten sections of eight men.They were usually organized by age or their skill level.Body Paragraph TwelveRomans had many ways of fighting but one of the most important was the sieges.In a siege, men would surround a city so that no one could escape.They would usually camp near the city to try and plan where they would attack.The Romans would also break the walls down using rams or they would build a ramp up the side to get inside.Conclusion