is for a data storing or data

 is a database important to us than the
operating system?

Data base is
an information collection or data collection. Database can use in bank,
supermarket, management system the database is very useful for thinks like
that. For example, the book contains details of all students, all students addition
dates, family details, student details all these in a same base. Database more
helpful to humans, more formats and more tricks, It helps to us make it easy.
There are different types of
DBMS ranging from small systems that run on personal computers to huge systems
that run on mainframes. There
are a lot of database software manufacturers out there and a wide range of
prices, sizes, speeds and functionalities.

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Database Advantagers,1)
Improved data security, 2)Improved data access to users through
use of host and query languages , 3)Reduced
data entry, storage, and retrieval costs…

 But why  we can’t 
do it on operating system .Operating system files means windows, android(os),uduntu,linux.mac
os and these are the mostly using in a today. Today we are categorizing to OSs ,it’s
this hacking for a OS,business for a OS,gaming for a OS.specially operating
system haven’t big security but database have a big security.we cange the
sattings in OS, but database we can’t change settings.OS is mostly using in
supporting to the boot  your computers
its not using for a  data storing or data

of OS-Understanding, Not a good security, Price

When would it make sense not to use a database system?

Sometimes we can’t get a database for storing in data , Database
have upgrade and replacements , Some of these versions require hardware
upgrades ,Not only do the upgrades themselves cost money And maintaining
currency is the another disadvantages of database and increased costs. And
database failures: in most of the organization, all data is integrated into is
corrupted on the storagemedia,then our valuable data may be lost or whole
system stops. . Microsoft
Windows XP is the most latest OS
in the world. The software was easy compared to the installation on other
operating systems. and xp is more expensive.XP would appeal to most Businesses
and users that need an easier operating system to control.multiusers can work
in operating system that is most helpful to business side because take as an
example manger wants to see all the computer of the members , then manager can
connect the all computers and manager see he wants .that is most useful for a business.
And multitasking system ,its means multiple software processes running at the
same time. And multiprocessing means os can support and use more than one
computer processor at the same time. That is good for data storing but its not
a permanently. That you can get for this, why sometimes database not using for
a data storing .Take as an example cd shop, something hireing
shop. Hiring  shop means they have a
stock but suppliers are supplied by item, and hire shop selling a items for a
customer that hire shop haven’t a database because  it’s a busy work.its cant