Is Only 30% of the world is

Is it really necessary to continue deforestation and killing our rainforests? The forests and the land on earth are scarce. Only 30% of the world is land. We need to find a way to compromise. Do we really need more apartments, even though our population is growing but, so is our need for food. Already 20% of the Amazon has been lost to rain forest logging and at this rate of losing 32,186 square kilometres a year the Amazon will be gone in 50 years. Where do you see your self in 50 years. Not as an elderly person but as in earth and its inhabitants. Do you see the air of the world filled with pollution choking the air causing us to be barely able to breathe, wear gas masks so we can survive another day? Riding only motor vehicles producing more greenhouse gases and the cars getting less sustainable? Do you see people regretting their decisions that lead them to the world being full of pollution regretting that they didn’t change their ways or invest in $3 more in shopping to buy some environmentally friendly bags? Is that what you see? I hope not. The world will be gone and it is a beautiful place but we will realise too late on how we need it more than we think.One on the top reasons for destroying the rain forests if for logging for wood for fire and paper. Do we need so much paper when 85 billion kgs are wasted every year! If all of the newspapers were recycled, we could save about 250 million trees each year. Why not just use recycled paper? Using recycled paper would save 250 million trees. There are other options with all the advanced technology. Trees clean the air that we breathe and the also clean the horrible gases out of the air that come from our cars causing global warming. If we stop deforestation and using unsustainable cars than the trees will help clear the greenhouse gasses that are causing global warming. If we solve these problems than we can solve more. Its the domino effect. It can be good and bad. And we need to change it so it will always be a good effect.