It years, having taught her computer networks

It is a
pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for  Suchitra 
Nagarajan as  I have known her  for four years, having  taught her computer networks in third year and
also was  her lab faculty. From my point
of view ,I would like to say that she was an invidualistic and an able  student.

Suchitra was
 always a  hard working student. She always submits her
assignments on time with a neat presentation . she never hesitates to solve any
amount of tasks I give her for the weekend work. .Her optimistic attitude,
ready to lend a helping hand towards her friends makes her unique. Her keen
urge in her to understand the concepts beyond her theoretical approach  by applying her knowledge in solving dynamic
coding questions in her practical lab exam to obtain an output was always
appreciative which made me to give a “S” grade in her practical lab examination.
she had also shown an innovative nature and ability to think from an
non-conventional point of view as I was able to observe this quality when I was
her viva examiner in her lab  examination

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Apart from
technical knowledge , Suchitra was an ambitious person  showing lot of enthusiasm in the participation
of cultural events organized in our college as I used to be present in most of
the events .additionally, she also has a good communicational skills, high
motivation and self-confidence as I have had the numerous opportunities to
interact with her when I used to go as a substitute for another faculties where
I would take class focusing on personality development. She has an open-mind
and receptive to new ideas which is well-evident from her interaction with all
our faculties in our department. she would never miss an opportunity to
participate in competitions held in our college. Her sportive attitude towards
many debate  and quiz competitions   is always appreciative. This I could observe
as a spectator in some of the competitions being held. I believe that her   technical knowledge  , quick-grasping nature with a  sportive attitude and her  high level-of-confidence along with a  good communication skill  made her to get placed in a well-renowned
company which came to our college during her placements.

I am
confident that she will definitely excel in her graduate program and hence
recommend her to pursue her higher studies in your prestigious university.



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