It’s start feeling that you are not good

It’s nearly impossible to stay motivated
all the time.  Everyone has days or
moments when even the simplest action seems impossible or requires too many
efforts because we are not motivated and don’t feel like doing it.  When everything doesn’t go according to your
plans you start feeling that you are not good enough, or it’s not your cup of
tea and so many other things.  Here are
some tips to feel motivated when you don’t feel like it-

1-    Pay attention t to your thoughts

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We are
plunged into the abyss of self-flagellation and procrastination. When we
are unproductive, it is easy to slip into an endless self-criticism. Often it
seems to us that it’s worth to be tougher on yourself – so we will be more
successful. When we fail to live up to our expectations (ours or someone
else’s), we usually start blaming ourselves and rolling ourselves into
self-criticism. A rigid attitude toward oneself does not add energy.

Most are
afraid that they will not achieve anything if they are too soft on
themselves. However, accepting yourself is not the same as regretting or
digging into your problems. Having shown sympathy for yourself and
recognizing the fatigue that you are experiencing, you can free yourself from
the flow of negative auto-suggestions that contribute to non-productivity.

2-    Be kind to yourself

In a state of apathy, do not
criticize yourself, but be kind to yourself. Sympathy for yourself will
add to the motivation. After all, a happy, happy state increases working
capacity. But still, most of us are motivated by actions, and not vice
versa. So do not sit and wait for the desire to do something, make
yourself begin.

Remind yourself all your success

are the same person who has achieved everything by your hard work and believe in
yourself. One or two failures do not describe your personality. Sit and think
about the things you have achieved and you will automatically feel motivated.

Every day is a new day

think that one failure decides your future. Every morning you wake up with new
ideas and new thoughts. Mornings are very motivating. It’s ok if the last went
horrible, today you can do something new and better than yesterday. It is a
good idea to wake up early in the morning and make plans for the day. It keeps
you charged for the whole day.

Change your environment

many times people around you make you feel negative about yourself or who are
always complaining about everything. Stay away from these type of people, because
the talks can be very demotivating. Surround yourself with people who have real
goals, who want to achieve something.




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