It’s easy to see that there’s something not quite right about Daryl Ashe. Perhaps it had something to do with the way he slept. His bed was laced with heavy straps that shackled his gangly limbs to the thin mattress. Not tight enough to chafe per say, but just so that he doesn’t slide off the bed’s tilted surface. Of course, Daryl hadn’t always been this way – staring at the ceiling and the shadows of people passing his locked ward, cast by an erratic, flickering light desperately in need of repair. No, he had been perfectly fine before the incident. A young man in his twenties with a bright and rather rotund face that imparted a comfortable life. His often tousled and bouffant hairstyle looked only partly like a wig, and a great deal more like what happens when you cross the North Atlantic Ocean with the Titanic; that is to say, a disaster. Fresh off of campus, and having just moved out of his parents’ home, he was filled with excitement and trepidation as young people are. He hadn’t been fortunate, and if he was to be honest with himself, hard-working enough to attain a well-paying job straight out of college. No, he’ll have to bide his time and settle for a job in a, sure let’s call it a Mexican fast food chain, Chipotle. Tasked with the Sysphian mission of mollifying needlessly rankled customers, Daryl often returned home defeated and drained of any real desire to think of his future. Rather, his nighttime pastime became observing a certain phenomenon. And I’m sorry to say that this little hobby is what led to his downfall; for sometimes Pandora’s box is best left unopened.These days Daryl just left the windows and curtains open at night, hoping to catch a glimpse of it. Some nights, the vision was crystal clear. The only dreadful nights were when he couldn’t see it at all. His apartment window provided a vantage point just high enough to allow him a view, yet too far for his naked eye to discern any true details. As the remains of the day slip away, one could always find Daryl Ashe leaning by the window and gazing afar with a wistful expression. Mesmerize