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A child wakes up early in the morning, gets ready for his school and reaches his school within half an hour and in some cases depending on the distance and traffic it even takes one hour to reach the school. Thus we see many kids spent two hours in going to school and coming back home. Next almost all the schools are of minimum six hours of duration.

Therefore almost twelve hour is gone in getting ready for school, going to school and coming and taking meals. And another eight hours are gone in sleep, remaining four hours. In this four hour a child has to complete his homework and if there is any time left then he can play.

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Can you imagine a life like this, a kid’s life is worse than an adult who at least leaves work at office and comes home and rests, unlike a child an adult rarely have any homework to do at home. Life seems like work if a child is bombarded with loads of homework, he has no time to play or enjoy his life. Every time the little child has pressure of homework that continues to poke him inside his head. Until and unless he completes the homework he does not feel relieved. But this feeling also lasts for few hours because the next day is he is again given a new homework. In this way his life continues to revolve around studies.

In some cases a child who loves studies and is good in studies may not feel pressurize or sad while doing homework, But what about other children who dislike studies? Schools should be only place where a child should study.

There is a need to develop a system that can reduce the vast syllabus of kids and make studies more interesting. There should be less amount of homework for kids and also some extra-curricular activity and more games should be added as a subject along with studies.


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