Kleptomania of physical void, hands trembling, anxiety,

Kleptomania is recognized as a very rare
mental disorder that is classified under the impulse disorder (Mayo Clinic, ,2017).The most interesting thing relating to this condition
is that unlike the ordinary theft, people with this condition do not get benefits
from whatever they steal. They steal just because of an inner pressure caused
by an impulse control disorder. (Save east ramapo schools, n.d).Kleptomania seems to
be more prevalent among those with psychiatric disorders. The patients with
kleptomania had significantly higher levels of impulsivity and they were also
found to have high rates of substance abuse and mood disorders (Kleptomania and Potential Exacerbating
Factors: A Review and Case Report, 2017). Generally, people
who suffer from kleptomania have underlying depression, mood disorder and the
presence of physical void in their life. They seemed to be lonely and have
difficult time to communicate with people.
Megan Fox , Farah Fawcett, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Winona Ryder are
among the celebrities who suffers from kleptomania. Megan Fox, a very famous
and outstanding actress has been caught several times for shoplifting. She has
been barred for life from entering Walmart for shoplifting a lip-gloss worth
$7. (5 Celebs Who Suffered From Kleptomania –
Wade Weesner – Medium, 2016) It is nothing but kleptomania
that Megan Fox suffered from. Kleptomaniac patient often experiences a lot of
problems in their daily life which make their life miserable.
Serious problems faced by kleptomaniac patient include the presence of physical
void, hands trembling, anxiety, mood disorder and feeling socially outcast and
all these can be prevented through selfcare,
support from family members, psychotherapy and medication.When struggling with kleptomania, it can be shameful to
admit that there is a problem. This will cause the kleptomaniac patient to
always lock themselves up in the room. They will always feel scared to meet
people outside there. In addition, this mental disorder can make someone to be abandoned
by the society. So as a responsible family member, we need to help them to
overcome from this serious issue. We need to understand that, support from family members can help
kleptomaniac patient to reduce their depression and to make them feel more
confident when communicating with other people. In addition, good motivation
and advice from family members can help them to face the embarrassing situation
which occurs if they are caught stealing. The acts
of stealing were typically due to failure to resist the tension and strong urge
to take the items without paying, and feeling satisfied after taking them which
is basically known as kleptomania. The items were typically of no use to her. Furthermore,
we need to understand the details of the treatment plan and actively support
its success if our loved one is being treated for kleptomania. A kleptomania therapy program will boost the ability
to successfully deal with kleptomania. It will also help in working with any
additional co-occurring disorders or addiction. It may be helpful to
attend one or more kleptomania therapy sessions with our loved one so that we
are familiar with the factors that seem to trigger the urge to steal and the
most effective ways to cope. We also can have a consultation with the
therapist. This ensures us to easily understand the characteristics of our
loved one who is affected by kleptomania. Recovering from an impulse control
disorder is really challenging and consumes a lot of time. It is really a
disaster for both, the person with the disorder and those closest to him or
her. Joining with our loved ones for an exercise section and meditation section
would be a huge relief to the kleptomaniac patient. Most of the kleptomaniac
patient are scared to make an appointment with the doctor because of the low
confident that they have. So, as a responsible partner or family member we
should spend our own time to make an appointment with the doctor. In addition, accompanying
them to see the doctor would help them to ask questions or share information
with the mental health professional that they do not remember to bring up.People with kleptomania often have other type of nerve impulse disorders
such as anxiety disorder, personality disorder and eating disorder such as anorexia
nervosa and bulimia nervosa.  Kleptomania
is due to the problem in several neurotransmitter pathways in the brain. Problem
in neurotransmitter pathways in the brain such as serotonin, dopamine, and
opioid systems will lead to kleptomania. (502 Bad Gateway, 2017). There are few scientific causes of
kleptomania. Firstly, is due to the problem with a naturally occurring brain
chemical (neurotransmitter) called serotonin. A very low level of this
hormone in our body will induce impulsive disorders which finally lead to
kleptomania. Next cause is due to the addictive
disorders. Stealing will increase the release of dopamine. High
level of dopamine will cause our brain to be active and alert all the time. This
is why kleptomaniac patient cannot resist themselves from stealing. Next, is
the brain’s opioid system which control
urges. An imbalance in this system could make someone hard to resist
urges. (Kleptomania, 2017).We need to
understand about the factors that cause the imbalance in the brain’s opioid
system. Imbalance in the brain’s opioid system is due to high intake of drugs. So,
it is important for us to understand that consuming medicines without doctor’s
prescription will cause damage to the system. So, as a measure to avoid serious
problems it is vital for us to take medications with a doctor’s prescription.
Regular follow up with the doctor will make kleptomaniac patient to feel more comfortable
since there is someone who is willing to listen to their problems. This also
ensures them to take all their medicines on time because they scared if they do
not do so then their doctor will scold them. People with kleptomania will be
given Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) by their doctor because
they play a major role in balancing serotonin levels in the brain. High level
of serotonin will make one to calm down and reduce their feeling when there is
an urge to steal.