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Lack of education and awareness among parents has left behind many children with lack of education in many developing and underdeveloped nations. These children find themselves to not benefit from education and leading to more problems in terms of poverty, lack of intellect, unemployment and illness. Provision of quality education is a very critical issue that needs to be addressed in these countries. Providing education through Digital Media is an ideal and quickest way to reach out the people. The globe has been made a great deal smaller by the creation of the computer, the internet and then the smartphone. The rapid evolution of technology fuelled the onset of swift innovations everyday. In the terms of the productivity what is achievable now was unimaginable a decade ago. Now a days as a part of the daily routine we interact with machines through out the day for many purposes and it would be a great experience if these machines had the ability to react accordingly to our emotional states. A promising approach to user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design is the use of biofeedback and neuroscience. The UI/UX design agency Awesome has developed Awesome Neurometrics, a product that can measure brain signals and collect direct data to improve app design. It is my belief that by creating an app or other item that displays empathy, we can not only improve the product itself but also improve the users of the product. The distance between people and technology can be bridged by empathy. According to the World health report, ‘One in four people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives’. Though people are aware of the treatments many people never seek help from health professionals. The current Mental Health apps that have been developed lacks the ability to diagnose the condition of the person due to lack of experimental validation during the development of the app and rather this process can be harmful to the users by labelling them with incorrect results. With the help of the well developed built-in sensors the behaviour pattern can be modelled and on the other end of the app health professionals can help the people in need who have been diagnosed. University of Michigan’s School of Information has the best diverse class environment that represents students from more than 100 different undergraduate majors, wide range of age groups and from all over the world. Research at UMSI as a top information school affiliated with one of the strongest public research universities in the world has the best facilities and resources. The project ‘Citizen Interaction Design’ got my attention which assists the state government to help the local people through improved information tools.  And another project ‘ End-user Techniques for Aggregating and Analyzing Exercise and Physical Data’ is very intriguing which requires the data to be collected from the sources desired by the users and with the help of project that data can be visualised and analysed in a way the user can create his personal training referring to the data acquired. I feel that UMSI inspires and motivates its students with its focus on the real world projects which deal with a wide variety of issues that are capable of positive impact. “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it” Albert Einstein, this quote has deeply inspired my way to approach problem solving by looking the problem through different perspectives. Graduate studies at University of Michigan can aid for my personal and academic growth through gaining better awareness and perception from the experiences I gain with the interaction students in this program from different cultures and undergraduate majors. UMSI has the best combination of professional connections along with the best research background can support me develop skills required to deal with the issues in the practical world. My key interest lies in UX design and research and I wish to continue my studies with a focus on the theory and practice. Having established a solid foundation in visual design, it is now my ambition to improve my understanding of interactive design and my quantitative and qualitative research skills to delve deeper into user research. UMSI offers the courses with a focus to incorporate human centred perspective in the research which complements my desire to study more about human behaviour. Learning is a lifelong endeavor. I am committed to a continual process of personal and professional development, and I am eager to embrace and exploit all new experiences and opportunities that come my way. Graduate study will enable me to harness my knowledge of engineering, design and research so that I can contribute to the achievement of the UNs 17 sustainable development goals. The achievement of these goals will improve the lives of countless people across the globe. I am pleased and proud that my previous work has already contributed to the achievement of the UNs fourth sustainable goal, namely, the provision of quality education. I strongly feel that true learning emerges with its purpose.