Leadership to my personal opinion is the quality

Leadership in its literal sense means a quality of leading a person, or a team of persons or an organization as a whole. Leadership as according to my personal opinion is the quality f understanding the requirements and leading the workforce towards the requirement in the most efficient way. Leadership as according to me is not necessarily an inbuilt quality but it can be developed by different factors and different situations. It is not a science that has a specific formula for making a leader but it is a trait which can be developed in any person but motivating force of every person is different and unique in nature. The leader should be a person who can take forward the organization as a whole. In true sense the leader should develop the quality of binding the organization together. The person has to be self motivated and should be aware off the fact that he possesses the capability and talent to take the groups or teams forward to achieve the common goal. The leader should be decisive and should know how to get the work done from the workforce easily. Another trait which is essential for a person to develop to be a leader is to be adaptive to rapidly changing business environment. Also when a person works with an organization he has to deal with people from different cultures and background he as to be capable enough to deal with each person efficiently. A leader should respect the diversity of the organization and should believe in unity in diversity. Further when we talk about leader, the first thing that comes in our minds is the team. When a person leads the set of people with same objectives and goals then such group is called as team.Further we would like to talk about the prime idea about our leadership model. We believe the leaders are not born but made. The traits of the leader discussed above can be developed in an individual with the help of identifying and harnessing the basic qualities of a person and grooming him/her into a leader. The basic idea behind the model is that a person has some basic inbuilt qualities which can be groomed and polished to make a person be a leader. First and for most a person who is to be chosen as a leader of a group or team should consider himself to be the very group or team and should not think of himself to be in any superior or authoritative position, because if a leader behaves like a boss ,the harmony can never prevail in such group. Gelling into the team or group is very important for a leader to get the goals achieved by the team. If the leader isolates itself from the group then a sense of dissatisfaction can affect the ultimate performance of the team. Another important attribute of a leader is that he takes the opinion of the group as a whole, each and every individual in the group and his/her opinion is equally important. The leader is the binding force of the team and gives credit to each and every individual of the group and when it comes to taking responsibility of errors the leader takes the initiative, this enhances the overall satisfaction and sense of belonging among the members of the group. A leader should also be ready and willing to adapt with the new technologies. He should not only adapt to new technologies but also to the demand of the workers. Virtual leadership is one of the most effective and most innovative form of leadership, if used efficiently can prove to be very beneficial for the organization. It can be used for managing workforce across the geographical boundaries. The effective leader should know the importance of technology and should be able to use it effectively for the benefit of the workforce and ultimately the organization as a whole. Next thing that comes o our mind is what attributes a leader should possess in general? The answer to this question is that a leader should possess all such qualities as the organization or situation demands out of him/her. In my personal opinion ethics are the basic foundation of the leadership. Moral values include honesty, integrity and trust which forms the basic structure of decision making.  Absence of these values can make the decision biased and can create a sense of dissatisfaction in the tem or group which can drastically affect the organization as a whole. A person can never be a leader if these qualities are absent as for leading a team a person has to be honest and take the team as a whole and should not be biased; a person has to lead by example. Team members should have trust in the leader and should look up to him/her for suggestions, help and true feedback. The decision making by the leaders should be based upon these ethical values and the leader should be unbiased, value based and fair. Another trait of a great leader is that it considers itself and the team as part of one global economy and is absolutely not ethnocentric. A great leader never judge another culture solely on the basis of the values and cultures of its own. They are flexible and don’t hesitate to adapt the qualities of another culture as far as it is for the benefit of the organization. Core values my model of leadership include taking initiatives, as when the leader take initiative and shows enthusiasm in getting a work done, same energy flows within the work force. Another value or attribute of my leadership model includes fostering relationships with the group and building trust. When the workforce trusts its leader, it would eventually lead to enhanced productivity, better outcomes and a good business environment. Core qualities of a leader as according to my model include great planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling skills. A leader should plan the task efficiently and should also have plans for any contingencies or emergency situations. Provided a leader should know the area of excellence of each of its team members and should know well how to use the expertise of such people. A leader should also be a good listener so that the group members should not hesitate to put forward their ideas and feedback. Another core value which I think is basic and is of utmost importance is that a leader should have basic moral values, h should be fair, honest and should always keep the interest of the workforce or organization above his own personal interest. Next we would discuss the benefits that would arise by using my model of leadership. First and foremost when a leader is honest about his work and keeps the interest of organization above all, then there would be a sense of satisfaction among the workforce and it would yield better results. Another benefit is the better business environment and there would be better communication at every level which would further decrease the sense of alienation among the workers or employees. My model of leadership seeks for a leader who can gel well with the workforce and work with them instead of just ordering around. The leader   should be able to communicate with its group well and should lead by example. A leader should be humble and treat the group as family as he is the flag bearer of unity and teamwork. The ultimate goal of my leadership model is to harness the quality of every individual of the group and making a full use of it for the betterment of not only the organization but society as a whole. If my model is used in the organization the major benefit it would bring is that there would be unity and better communication within the group which would further lead to better results. My leadership model is different from most of the models but have traits of various existing models s my model has more of an informal approach towards leadership as I believe that building up personal relations and strengthening trust of the fellow workers can yield exceptional results. I would personally apply the leadership model and try to develop the core qualities that I have described in my model that are honesty, integrity better communication skills, understanding the psychology of the workforce, opening myself to suggestions and feedbacks, taking lesson from every failure and feedback. I would also read in detail about the different work cultures so that geographical and cultural boundaries could not act as a bar in my personal growth as a leader. As a leader I would rather be a guiding and assisting power than just a person with authority to order as according to my model of leadership a leader is the guiding force for the team.                                                           References• https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/leadership• https://learn.scu.edu.au/bbcswebdav/pid-4140745-dt-content-rid-5804368_2/courses/MNG03217-2017-3/Lecture%205_S3_2017.pdf• https://www.ellevatenetwork.com/articles/7748-traits-of-exceptional-multicultural-leaders• https://learn.scu.edu.au/bbcswebdav/pid-4140748-dt-content-rid-5804373_2/courses/MNG03217-2017-3/Lecture%206_S3_2017.pdf• https://learn.scu.edu.au/bbcswebdav/pid-4140734-dt-content-rid-5803312_2/courses/MNG03217-2017-3/MNG03217-2017-3_ImportedContent_20171023010638/MNG03217-2017-2_ImportedContent_20170630012711/MNG03217-2015-3_ImportedContent_20151008045627/Understanding%20Leadership%20and%20Management%20An%20Introduction%281%29.MP3• Study Guide –SCU


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