Learning and commit to personal and organisational

Learning Activity:


Continuing Personal & Professional Development
is simply a method of ensuring that we achieve the right abilities to do our
job and maintain/enhance our expertise.  It embraces everything that we
learn and do to improve our job performance and our ‘lifelong employability’
skills and capabilities. Continuous learning and development is necessary for
success in the modern work place.

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Along with good Technical knowledge and subject knowledge we need other
set of skills to make us employable and knowledgeable.

My Job responsibility in my Company is the learning and organisational
development of our on board and shore staff. People are the integral part of
our Company culture as it is the people who shape the future of the
organisation. I believe and commit to personal and organisational development
and continuous learning. Due to this reason I have attended several Leadership
workshops, Management Development program executive Learnings, attended
Seminars (Creating a coaching culture in the organisation).

What did I learn?

Developing the key
competencies of coaching/Mentoring.

Reflective practice.

commitment to self- development

How to develop top
talent and achieve stronger performance.

How to become a
better coach. (Use of Models, tools and Techniques).

Developing key
competencies of coaching/mentoring.

·       How
to manage diversity and adapt in multi-cultural and diverse environment

·       How
to Raise the Managerial competence

·       Self-awareness

·       Breaking
the frame

·       Stimulate
greater collaboration

·       Enhancing

·       Leadership
and Management Initiative

·       Foundation
for the robust talent management system

·       How
to create a coaching culture in the company by:

§  Soft
skills like people management, leadership etc.

§  The
ability to adapt to culturally diverse environments, and

§  The
ability to co-operate and work as a team in normal and emergency situations;


What did I feel?

I feel that continuous professional development helps influencing,
motivating and inspiring all on board and at shore at the same time empowering
all. Today’s leadership is less about controlling and giving orders and more
about helping and motivating others do their job better to achieve company
objectives. The success of this continuous development is evident by the improvement
made in all operational areas of our business, optimizing running costs, crew
retention and motivation and willingness to accept new challenges. It also
refers to the ability to continuously develop and improve this soft skill and
knowledge in order to perform effectively and adapt to changes in the work
place. It is expanding the ability to learn by regularly upgrading our skills
and increase knowledge.


How will I transfer this learning to my coaching practice?

I will continue
to invest my learning, in developing leadership competencies of our personnel
both ashore and on-board and will create a culture where the knowledge transfer
is taking place regularly. This would increase the overall performance of the
organization by stimulating greater Collaboration, teamwork, management
thinking and developing competencies to be ready for challenges. I will
transfer the following skills to my coaching practice:

the relationship.

and trust

o   Adapting
in a multi-cultural and diverse environment

o   Motivating
and encouraging people to be open to ideas.

o   Using
clear communication for critical operations.

o   Handling
people related issues and resolving conflict with confidence.

o   Using
influencing skills to get more done by same person.

o   Building
a better team on board and on shore.



How does this meet learning needs identified in my PDP?

I will continue with my continuous learning
and development to focus on people training, crewing conferences, leadership
work shop, soft skill workshop, seminars and cadet/trainee programs to grow and
develop our people to be ready for any growth plans or new challenges.

·       This will implement the follow up
plan: facilitating and supporting my own development of personality, competence
and skill to be effective and productive for best outcome.

·       All this practice will enhance my
coaching skills to become excellent coach.


What further learning activity has this identified for me?

To make best use of
all the models and Techniques and to develop further my knowledge and
understanding of this model may be some extended programme can help.

Mindfulness tools to
apply in personal development and coaching practice.

·       To keep practising and developing
all the learnings, Competencies, Tools, models and Techniques.


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