Learning W. Johnson and Robert T. Johnson (n.d.),

is the process of cultivating a new or developing existing “knowledge,
behaviors, skills, values or preferences.” (Mayer, 2001)

              In learning, understanding and
comprehending input information is the key aspect regardless of how information
were constituted. However, learning is known effective when it occurs or seen
in the change in behavior from simple to complex of a person being thought.
Thus, learning is not just about the key aspect of understanding the
information but also how the information was acquired through different
teaching-learning processes and strategies.

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               Cooperative learning is a
learning situation which has been proven to be effective in increasing
accomplishments across all grade level and subject fields. However, student’s
interest is also a key factor to consider that learning cooperatively is

Cooperative Learning          

the curriculum developers down to classroom teachers are so eager to think for
new ideas and strategies to boost students’ interests in learning. One of the
strategies implemented by them is Cooperative Learning.

            Cooperative Learning as defined by
Stephen Balkcom of Education Research Consumer Guide (1992), Cooperative
Learning is a teaching strategy where students with different abilities
formulate a group and work together through different activities to improve
their learning about a subject. These are strategies that are inexpensive but
are a better way to boost students. 
There are different types of cooperative learning that were given by
David W. Johnson and Robert T. Johnson (n.d.), one is Formal Cooperative Writing,
where students work together in a whole class to achieve their shared goals.
Next is, informal Cooperative Learning where students only work together with
their temporary groups. Lastly is, Cooperative Base Groups, where students work
together with their permanent groups and their group members (Johnson, Johnson
& Holubec, 2008).


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