LEAVE Asian to have one career in

LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE”. He yelled it across the room because of what his parents kept telling him. He’s always pressured due to everyone’s expectations. As a brown kid living in the US and his family moving from Pakistan has a lot of weight to it.You can call it a stereotype but it’s pretty true, every Asian family wants their kid to have a good future which every family would want to have but we get them mostly focused on the medical field of careers.Muhammad was always pressured to study and excel in a field which is stereotyped to every Asian to have one career in mind what his parents wanted him to do.       Muhammad is your average teenager, a senior in high school moving on to the next chapter of his life. He was obviously brown if you haven’t caught up by now, his parents are from a Muslim background and live in a middle-class house in your average Brooklyn apartments .Muhammad’s Dad was a taxi driver that did night shifts the day in day out to keep the family financially stable.Whenever Muhammad would come home from school his Mom and Dad would always be pressuring him about his future and what he should do in his life career-wise. Muhammad had two other siblings, one is 11 his name is Hussain and the other is older than him who is 28 and his name is Ali. Ali is a 2nd year resident at the Brooklyn Memorial Hospital. Ali had a great future ahead of him because of his career. Ali was a good and bad example for Muhammad because of him he had to back up what Ali had done throughout his educational life and not have say in what he would want to do for a living. Muhammad was a weird kid his friends would say.”He would always be doing his own thing,wouldn’t really hang out with us or when he does he wouldn’t talk that much”. Muhammad was in his own kind of world it was weird but I guess that was just him. Muhammad came from humble beginnings,his families only income was from that NYC yellow cab day in day out.As soon as June came around Muhammad’s parents started questioning him more of what he was gonna do and where he was gonna go.Muhammad had it planned out as far as moving away from his strict and manipulative parents and to dorm wherever he decides to go for college .He decided to apply for colleges in California,a young and idea-accepting environment to live around. He applied for UCLA, got accepted now the hard part was to break it down to his family and tell them he him wanted to live on campus. His family being middle eastern and always having him around took it very seriously just like they would take anything else serious like breaking a glass which would turn into a lecture trying to change your life. “Muhammad my son”, my dad welcomed himself in my room, typical, “Muhammad, because you are becoming a man tomorrow and you’ve yet to decide what you wanna do with you life you’ll spend the entire night riding with me Ok”? “Yes father”. As he left my room I thought to myself, “Fuck me I get to spend my birthday receiving a lecture for however long about keeping expectations high for my future…FUCK!” Mabey the ride along will be perfect when I’ll tell my dad that I got accepted into UCLA. I spent my entire day wondering what the night shift with my dad would be like, pick up a customer here, give me a speech there, and hotdogs by 2:30am but that’s not what happened at all. My dad picked me up at 11:30pm and we drove around the city up until 6:00 am and in those six and a half hours we spent we only managed to pick up 12 people, and I was surprised because my dad worked in the Furlough district where the stadium and bars were. 4 people were drunk outta their mind, 2 couldn’t wait until they got to their place were having sex in the back of the cab, 4 were Saber fans coming home from the game, while 2 people tried stealing the tips, which was a whopping 13 cents, and ran from the cab where they were suppose to pay. This ride along was depressing and sad because I realized that all these years my father was stuck in hell and the only thing that helps him through it is his family’s future. “Dad…I,” Muhammad stumbling his words trying to tell his father he got accepted to UCLA. “Muhammad, son I know you got accepted into UCLA, your guidance counselor called a few weeks ago recommending you to some great tourist spots.” Stunned, surprised, and shocked Muhammed replies, “Um….dad, now before you…” Muhammad’s dad interrupted him “Son, I’m very happy that you got into UCLA. Now listen to me, everyday I hoped that you find what makes you happy and at the same time keeps you financially secure because that’s why your mother and I put ourselves through all these hardships. Now I took you on this ride because I wanted to show you why I hold you to high expectations and why I push you so hard everyday since you were born, so that you can have opportunities like UCLA.” Muhammad says “So…so your not mad?” “No son, Im one of the proudest fathers in the world, just like when your brother got accepted into his residency program. Muhammed, go live your life and make your family proud.” With tears in his eyes Muhammad says” Thank you dad” and then they hugged. It’s no secret that life as a brown kid is hard and because were not native to the land where we come from then the opportunities that are given to us are limited, but it’s how we use the opportunities however small that were given to us. Muhammad spent 4 years at UCLA to get his Bachelors in Financial management because he was really good with math and money. He eventually became wealthy enough to have both of his parents retire from their day jobs and buy them the lives that they deserved. The end.