Let’s The easiest way to protect your lips

Let’s face it, no one likes dry lips. The lipstick applied on the sore lips looks messy, and above all, dehydrated lips can be itchy and very painful. That is because the skin on the lips is thinner than on the other parts of a body so it can easily get damaged due to external conditions. To avoid situations like these, lips need to be hydrated and protected. The easiest way to protect your lips is by using moisturizing lip balm. Although there are numerous lip balms on the market, making one at home can be a fun and inexpensive solution. Not only will you know for sure that your lip balm is made from natural ingredients but also you can make a personal stash of the homemade lip moisturizers.Also, by using these editable lip balm stickers you can easily add a personal touch to homemade lip balms and make them a cute gift. This DIY Lip Balm recipe with honey and lemon is very quick and easy to make. In no time and without much trouble you will prepare a nourishing treat for your lips!How to make honey lemon lip balmWhat will you need:1.5 tablespoon honey1.5 tablespoon coconut oil0.5 tablespoon beeswax3 drops lemon essential oilMicrowave safe bowlContainers or lip balm tubesLip balm labelsWhy these ingredients:Honey has healing antibacterial properties. Also, it renovates damaged lips, makes them look healthy and smooth. Coconut is well known for its antifungal and antiviral properties. It is great for treating irritated skin since it has fatty acids which prevent skin from losing necessary amount of moisture. Beeswax softness the lip skin and helps lip balm mixture to get compact and hardened.Lemon oil will make your skin soft and give the lip balm beautiful scented note.Instructions:Take one microwave safe bowl and place the honey mixed with coconut oil and beeswax in it. Microwave the bowl with ingredients in short intervals (8-10 seconds) on moderate temperature. Remember to stir between the intervals in order to get a melted mixture of the ingredients.After the mixture is melted add the lemon oil drops and gently pour the lip balm mixture into the containers. If you are using 15g lip balm containers it would be enough for making 5 lip balms. On the other hand, this amount of the mixture is enough for making 16 lip balm tubes.Before closing the containers, let the mixture cool down on room temperature.At last, when the lip balm mixture is hardened it’s time to decorate the packaging. Download these free labels, print them on the adhesive paper and place them on the lid of the container.  You can also use labels on plain paper and simply glue them to the surface of the container.It’s simple as that! Now you can easily and at any time give your lips care that they deserve, and as Valentine’s Day approaches it could be a perfect gift for someone you love.