There visiting those places reminded me of you.

There are lots of places of interest and visiting those places reminded me of you. I wanted you to be with me but if only wishes were horses. The days are quite hectic but the evenings are quite lonely and the only solace I derive is, thinking about you and the children. I’m quite confi­dent that the work entrusted to me by my principals will be over within a fortnight and once again I’ll be reunited with my loved ones. Be particular about your eating hab­its and for my sake do not get depressed about not be­ing with me.

At least you have the children for company whereas I have only memories. Out here, it is quite pleas­ant, unlike in ____________ (Place Name). Do not venture out during the after­noons. In the next few days, I’ll be covering some pictur­esque areas of ____________ (Place Name). I’ve already shot two film rolls and by the time I return to ____________ (India), you can be assured that you’ll see the entire ____________ (Place Name) through my lens. Being here I realise how much I love you and it is true that dis­tance in relationship breeds proximity. Wait for my next letter.

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Yours Ever-loving,
(Your Name)

Reply Letter to a Caring Husband



Dearest (Name),

Words are not sufficient to express the joy your letter gave to the children and me. I’m at loss to express my emotions at this moment but I really miss you as I have never missed anyone. It would have been ideal if we could also be with you but try to enjoy yourself and do not for­get to buy something for your children. As for me, your arrival at ____________ (Place Name) will itself be a gift. Right now, it is pretty warm here and the results of the children are out and both your daughters have notched up good positions in the class. Like father, like daughters. Your son has also scored good marks. Your brother and his wife were here for two days on way to Goa. Although they insisted me on going but I did not want, without you. Life has sud­denly come to a standstill and waiting to be revived with your arrival. Do not guzzle too much of beer and take care about your paunch. You will look young without the flab. I’ll be waiting for your next letter very eagerly and if possible mention the arrival date, which in itself will be a matter of celebration.

Till then.

Yours Ever-caring,
(Your Name)


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