Hi! laughed and said, “You would need

Hi! I am pleased to have received a letter, dated ____________, regarding your visit to ___________ (Place Name). You could have paid me a visit but you chose to avoid me. This act of yours was not appreciated by me. Anyway, how is life at ____________ (Place Name) ? I hope your hostel- mates are busy preparing for the GMAT that is due on ____________ (Date)? Are you appearing for GMAT? Please do inform me. I had to face a difficult situation last night. I had gone to the local shopping centre along with my friend, Annie, for purchasing some garments for my family. Some boys followed our car and at one time, they almost struck their motorcycles against its rear hood. Then, they zoomed past our car and passed some nasty remarks on both of us.

When we arrived at the shopping mall, they followed us. One of them approached me outside the parking lot and asked me whether I would have a date with him. When I bluntly refused, he offered me a dirty handkerchief and told me to wipe my tears. I told him that I was not in a mood to cry. Then, he laughed and said, “You would need it, my dear! You certainly are going to miss my company.” Afterwards, when we came out of the shopping mall, we were full of carry-bags and packets. These clumsy boys had been waiting for us outside the parking lot and offered to carry the packets to our car. We bluntly refused to oblige them and told them to leave us alone. One of the boys got hold of ____________ (Friend Name) arm and tried to drag her along with him, saying, “We would have a nice time, my dear!” ____________ (Friend Name) flew into a rage and cried for help. I relieved ____________ (Friend Name) from his clutches after great efforts. We fled the scene, barely keeping our packets intact.

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