In your proposal dated________, you have perhaps given me the greatest compliment a girl of my standing can ever hope for and as such you deserve a very prompt and frank answer. I am writing post-haste and, I am afraid, the answer is, ‘no.’ Your letter caused me great distress and I felt guilty because in my manner of meeting, and talking I have perhaps given you the impression that I love you. The fact is my affection for you was never deeper than the one two close friends feel for each other.

If my letters also encouraged you, I am sorry for it because all I said in them was quite unintentional. I am sure if we had been meeting each other quite often, this sort of misunderstanding would never have arisen.

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Dear ____________ (Name), do not take my reply to heart. I may have too much liking for you, but I can never be your wife. It is no use wasting your hopes on me. I may have always enjoyed writing to you because of your intelligence but am quite unable to reciprocate to the kind sentiments you have shown to me.

Dear ____________ (Name), I am sure your love had not taken deep roots and my reply will not hurt your feelings. But believe me; I am hardly worth your regrets. I am also sure that you will soon find someone else much better suited to your ways of life. Hoping you would always think of me as.

Your sincerest friend,
(Your Name)


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