Re.: code line even while sending cheques by

Re.: MICR Cheque Book

In reply to your letter dated ____________, we wish to inform you that the new generation cheque book which we supplied to you is meant for quicker encashment or clearance. A certain degree of precaution is essential to be taken before writing the cheque.

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If the cheque is not written in accordance with these instructions, it is bound to bounce back. These cheques are handled by computers and the wrongly used cheque is not accepted. The important precautions are as follows:

1. Do not write on the MICR band at the bottom of the cheque form

2. Do not paste on the MICR code line

3. Do not fold the cheque on the MICR code line even while sending cheques by post

4. Do not sign or affix rubber stamp on the code line

5. Do not use pins/staples on the code line.

6. Cross the cheque only on the top left hand corner

We trust you will co-operate with us and write your cheques in accordance with these instructions.

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)
Branch Manager


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