Letter from Bank to Customer about Irregularity in Account

Re: You’re Current A/c No. ____________ with us

May we draw your attention to an irregularity being repeated by you in regard to your above account?

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During the last three months we had to return your ____________ (No. of Cheque) as unpaid because you had neglected to make provision for the same.

The latest such cheque was returned unpaid for the same. The latest such cheque was returned unpaid only yesterday for the same reason. The present balance to your credit is ____________ (Amount) only.

As you have failed to abide by the bank rules for the conduct of the account, we are constrained to say that we cannot allow you to continue the account any longer. To enable us to close your account, please call on us along with your passbook and unused cheque leaves.

Please note that if you fail to surrender your passbook and unused cheque leaves within a week from today we shall close your account without any further notice and take whatever action we deem fit for recovery of the same from you.

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)
Branch Manager


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