We ____________ (Amount) all the time for

We draw your attention to your overdraft arrangement with us according to which you were allowed this facility to the extent of ____________ (Amount) against the security of government papers of the value of ____________ (Amount). While studding the operation of this offer, and its use by you, we find that till ____________ (Date), you made use of this facility only twice and that too never exceeding ____________ (Amount).

We also find that for the greater part of the year your account has been showing a credit balance and for all this the overdraft facility granted to you by the bank has ceased to be remunerative to us because in any case we have to keep ready up to ____________ (Amount) all the time for you which you never draw and which brings us only a negligible amount of interest.

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We, therefore, request you to terminate the overdraft facility. However, in view of your long association with us as a valued customer, we suggest that if you are agreeable to pay interest on a minimum amount of ____________ (Amount) you will continue to have the facility of overdraft to the extent of ____________ (Amount) and this will bring the bank also some benefit.

We shall appreciate an early response from you.

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)


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