Re: some other place of work or if

Re: You’re Current A/c No.____________ with us

This is to draw your attention that your account quoted above has shown neither deposits nor withdrawals for a long time since ____________ (Date). It seems to us that you have perhaps overlooked the balance in your account or there is some other reason for not operating it at all for so long.

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We therefore write this to say that banking law enjoins on us to bring to the notice of the Reserve Bank the deposits of such persons who have not been operating their accounts for the last ten years.

We could have naturally included your name in that list but considering that this might cause you some embarrassment, we want to ascertain from you the reasons for keeping the account so inactive that long.

Of course, we hope, you will take immediate steps to renew regular deposits and withdrawals after getting our letter.

However if you have shifted to some other place of work or if there is some other reason for your feeling inconvenient to operate this account, we would like to know.

In that case we may be able to help you in a manner most suited to you. If you prefer you may simply acknowledge receipt of this letter and give us your latest address or drop on us here on any working day to sort out the matter.

Please also note that if we fail to hear from you till a fortnight from today, we shall be constrained to deposit your balance with the Reserve Bank as per rules. Let us hope that you will try to avoid this situation.

Yours Faithfully,
(Your Name)
Dated __________


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