Yours Forever, (Your Name) Reply Letter to Husband

Yours Forever,
(Your Name)

Reply Letter to Husband Forgiving Him for His Sin


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My Lovable (Name),

After going through your letter, I died thousand deaths and realised the futility of our relationship. How could you do this to me? You, ____________ (Name), who was everything to me. It sounds incredible and funny at the same time. I always took our relationship to be “Made for each other”. But now, this. Anyway ____________ (Name) before indulging in any inti­mate relationship, you should have given a thought for our children, who love you so much and are more at­tached to you than I am. I will not mince any word in saying that you have betrayed my trust, which will take a long time to bring it back. I am hurt, very hurt. But in-spite of this I appreciate your simplicity and guts in revealing this sordid incident to me and as an after-thought I un­derstand your feelings for me. As far as my forgiving you is concerned, I always believe giving a second chance to an individual and our bonds are so strong that a major incident like this is negligible. Remember, ____________ (Name) I will not accept a guilt-ridden husband, but the same extro­vert and happy-go-lucky person, who could even make a crying person smile. For God sake keep away from these relationship, they are based on lust and not love and yes, take a holiday for a week and let’s go out for an outing. Long time we had one.

Yours Forgiving and Forgetting,
(Your Name)


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