I in full confidence. Let me entreat you

I am very much upset to learn that you have started finding fault with ____________ (Son Name), with whom you have passed so many months happily and in full confidence. Let me entreat you to keep under control these early risings of doubts which will take you nowhere except to ruin your chances of becoming my daughter-in-law. My child, you should be very cautious about keeping in mind all that you hear from others. You don’t know the ways of the world. When you laugh, all offer to join you, but when you weep, you do so alone. By not exercising proper care, you will be adding to your uneasiness and spoil __________ (son name) career. You don’t know how much he” loves you.

Your suspicions will do him the greatest harm. Without you he will simply lose self-control and ruin his life. Ravi has always written very highly of you. Still I feel I cannot properly enter into his feelings until I have seen you personally and welcomed you as my would-be daughter-in-law. ____________ (Son Name) is coming here on a week’s vacation next ____________ (Day). I, therefore, write to ask if you could come to stay with us so that we way all get to know each other more thoroughly.

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I shall not grudge both of you extend your stay here and pass more days with me. I am sure, you will hear recover your heart and save him from getting into nothingness. I shall be very happy at your prudence.

Yours Sincerely,
(Your Name)


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