Your know how wonderful it looks to wait

Your belated letter, dear, gave out little except that your business trip was highly successful and that you have netted orders worth ____________ (Amount) so far.

So far as your trip is concerned, this news is simply marvelous. How can I blame you for giving first priority to this news ‘Without writing a word asking me how is I passing my time here?

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What is your return itinerary? Are you coming home direct, or do you plan stopovers en route. I hope you will be backing home in time for ____________ (Name) birthday party on Sunday next. But if you cannot make it, I’ll get Ashok to come in for a while to manage the function.

Everything here is fine except that we miss you so much! The weather here is very hot, made hotter by the absence of rain. Everything of necessity is available only in queue, long queues, long enough to tire even the maid.

Yesterday your sister dropped in. She was all right except her old worry how to lose weight. I hope she will be satisfied after a month more of dieting.

Once again, would it be possible for you to let us know the exact date of your homecoming. I want to know how wonderful it looks to wait at the airport to receive one’s nears and dears! Please come soon. ____________ (Name) and I feel so lonely without you.

With love,

(Your Name)


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