I production of various jute products. Our concern,

I wish to introduce ourselves as a leading manufacturer/ trader/supplier engaged in the process and production of various jute products. Our concern, ____________ (Company Name) has been in the trade for the last two years during which time we have progressed manifold. Ours is a nature friendly product and harnesses the resources and labour of many poor farmers of ____________ (Different Place Name). Various interesting items are thence created using the acumen of product developers and designers.

Our end-of-the-line products are:

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1. Jute Bags and cases

2. File covers

3. Table Spreads

4. Ropes and Packaging

5. Various other household products.

We would like to export to western nations as nature- friendly products hold high appeal there. I solicit your help to outline overseas prospective markets for us and also to advise us on the procedures and documentation required.

I shall be much obliged.

Thanking you
(Exporter Name)


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