Letter to a Girl Who Has Been Abused by Casanova Boys near A Shopping Mall

You and Annie are brave girls. Do not be overtaken by these minor whiffs of air as many storms await you in your life. Instead of running away from these boys, you could have talked to them in the most earnest manner. You could have bluntly told them that you were not available for a date. Now a day, you must stand up for yourself and must not try to escape the situation you are in. Poor Annie was mishandled by one of the boys outside the parking, which was a bad episode. You could have talked to the police officer on duty near the shopping mall. There must have been one in the immediate vicinity of the shopping centre. Go to the police station of your area and file a written complaint against them. Let them face the music now. If they promise to behave like gentleman in future, please forgive them. I would pay you a visit on next Saturday after I am through with the GMAT examination. I hope Annie would be in a better mood when I arrive there. I would always support you in such matters. I might go with you to the police station and file a complaint. In the meantime, you should also file a complaint against those boys. Hoping to meet you soon.

Yours loving friend,
(Your Name)
(Your Address)

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