This at all, you delivered results, you

This is in reference to the submission of your CV to our personnel department. You have been working in our sales department for the past three months.

With due regrets, I wish to inform you that during your trial period, you have not been able to deliver concrete results for the company. You were placed in the sales department for a period of three months, beginning from ____________ (Date) during that period, you were supposed to effect sales for the company in the ____________ (Place name).

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You were given facilities and authority by the firm to execute orders on its behalf. However, your dismal sales performance speaks volumes of your inability in the profession chosen by you.

You were given many chances to prove your mettle. Our Sales Manager,____________ (Name), tried to motivate you and sent you on various sales missions. But you could not affect sales in most of them.

If at all, you delivered results, you could not justify the expenses incurred for effecting sales. The sales expenses and the salary paid to you far exceed the turnover generated by you.

Your probation period ends on ____________ (Date) I would, therefore, request you to look for another job, preferably in an area, which is not related to sales and marketing. You would be paid the salary for the month of___________ .And would be compensated for the expenses incurred by you during your tours and sales assignments.

I wish you all success for your bright future.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
(Manager Name)


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