These is their bank balances, which go

These contests have be­come so predictable that people do not bother much, because even a layman can say that these are the re- suits of the growing cosmetic market in the country. The speech, the diction, the answers and even the post-Miss Universe styles are hackneyed. Ultimately, only few indi­viduals benefit from these contests, who then thrive on the names to increase their business for beauty. I per­sonally feel that rather than these forgettable incidents, media should highlight the sufferings of the people due to the man-made natural calamity like drought, which has swept four states of the country.

Do theses’-called beauties really contribute to the society or help the coun­try in times of “National Crisis”? The answer is No. Their only consideration is their bank balances, which go on increasing through modeling assignments. As a matter of fact these “beauties” are bought by the MNC’s for a price for endorsing their products and thereby increas­ing the sale of these products. By giving them media coverage your esteemed newspaper stands to lose its popularity with readers like me and I’m sure about many others who look forward to your next day edition.

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It is my sincere request that do not under any circum­stances, degrade your reading material which can lead to a matter of embarrassment for like-minded readers like me.

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