When he returned home, he was suffering from high temperature and the doctor mentioned that it was due to shock. My first impulse was to lodge on FIR against your school but since my son has been studying since ____________ (Std.), I decided against it and hence this letter. You are requested to look into the mat­ter and inform me, before that my son will not go to the school. An apology from the concerned teacher is also awaited.

Yours Sincerely,
(Your Name)

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Reply to the previous letter



In reference to your letter ____________ (date), we are in the process of looking into the episode and in this regard, we request you to present yourself along with your son on ____________ (date). We sincerely regret the entire episode and since you are associated with our school for the last four years, definitely we assure you that after going through the pros and cons, we will take suitable action against the concerned person. However, if your son is found to be guilty, he will also be suitably punished. We have always maintained a very strict discipline and we will abide by it, come what may.

Looking forward to your august presence on ____________ (Date) and once again assuring you of our total co-operation.

Yours Sincerely,
(Principal Name)


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