Roads for redressal of the pathetic situation.

Roads are uncleaned for days together by the scavengers resulting in the accumulation of garbages here and there from which bad odour is emitting always which is engulfing the entire area.

These garbages are strewn over the roads by the crows in quest of their food from the same. This has created health hazard for the people residing in this area.

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When these accumulated garbages are not removed for number of days it menacingly breeds flies and mosquitoes and as such malaria and enteric fever have sprung in epidemic form in the area.

Most painfully we have to mention here that our repeated request to the local civic authorities has foiled to evoke any response from them for redressal of the pathetic situation. It is astonishing how such apathetic attitude is meted out by them when it is a gigantic state of affair.

We would request you to make it convenient to pay a personal visit to this area to take stock of the awfully and grim insanitary condition prevailing here and take immediate steps on war footing to improve the situation without further loss of time.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)


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