Letter to the Editor about the Inconveniences caused by Street Beggars in the City

Sir – “In a progressive city like ____________ (Place) mendicancy on the streets really poses a great nuisance which speaks ill of the city in the minds of the foreigners who are least accustomed to such malaise. It is poignant to mention that the number of street beggars is on the rapid increase in the city of ____________ (Place) and it calls for immediate eradication from the nuisance of the beggars. On the footpaths beggars continue to follow the pedestrians for alms till such time they are provided with the same. Also they find other lucrative places like bus stands and the platforms of Railway stations to throng for begging. Even the riders of cars are not spared when the cars stop at crossing points for want of traffic signal and the beggars are ready to approach them at such opportune moment for getting alms from them. Mendicancy is one of the ugliest and disgusting features in our city life. It is high time for the government to tackle this nuisance in the interest of public hygiene and decency.”

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)

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