Letter to the Editor, Describing the Poor Law and Order Situation around the Globe

SUB: Deteriorating Law and Order Situation around the World

I would like to draw your kind attention towards the worsening law and order situation in the world. I hope that my views would find a place in the columns of your esteemed daily. The world has been facing the wrath of terrorists, marauders and anti-social elements since time immemorial. The poor and the downtrodden have been exploited and the powerful have always been having a ball. The State, politicians and businessmen have not met the demands of modern society with the requisite efficiency and promptness. We have witnessed gory incidents of massacre, rape, arson and organized violence in several cities of the world. The decay of institutions has taken its ugly toll. The second reason is the growing communal hatred among the communities, which ought to be reduced by the efforts of the State and the masses. The politician is the third factor in this game; either he is callous enough to ignore the realities or he is busy grinding his own axe. There are reports of murders, violence and arson in East Timor (former Indonesian province) and Chechnya (the small State, which wants independence from Russia but would not be allowed to earn the same). But who cares for victims of Kosovo, Chechnya or East Timor? This dance of death must come to an End. Those responsible for the massacres and arson must be brought to book and special courts must be set up for their trial. Why abolish capital sentence when the innocent masses are being killed every day? The fear of capital punishment would keep many a terrorist at bay.

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The States of the world must act now, lest the humanity should be annihilated.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
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