Letter to the Editor of a Newspaper about the Sudden Scarcity of some Essential Commodities in the Market

Sir – “It is surprising that some of the essential commodities, such as: Atta, dal and sugar in particular have disappeared from the market, although there is not at all any tangible reason for their acute scarcity, the situation being completely normal. This has caused artificial spurt in their prices considerably and the common people have been hard hit as they can ill-afford to buy such essential items at high prices. What is most astonishing is that there was no notification or public announcement regarding the shortage in the supply of these essential commodities. Otherwise, the common people in particular would have prepared themselves to take necessary action to buy the items to last at least for ____________ days for their consumption. It is most likely that the dishonest traders have created artificial shortage of these items for their financial gain. It is requested that the government should arrange raiding shops/residents of the traders to unearth the hidden bags of these items immediately.”

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)

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