Sir affected ruralites. But the relief materials

Sir – “Needless to elucidate, unprecedented floods this year has caused untold miseries to the ruralites numbering more than number of people who are now marooned spending their days in open sky. These people are passing their days practically without food. In the gruesome circumstances, their only solace is that they have to depend upon the relief materials which are to be provided to them by the government. Government has no doubt sanctioned huge amount of money on this count for succor to the flood affected ruralites. But the relief materials are not reaching the distressed people which are being smuggled out by the disgruntled people remaining in charge of distributing the same to the marooned ruralites, for their own benefit. In such appalling situation how such people could act in inhuman manner is no doubt a matter of consternation. Government should, therefore, come forward immediately to arrest the on-going malpractices so that the distressed ruralites affected by the floods are saved from further miseries.”

Yours faithfully,
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