I and features related to Information Technology.

I am an avid reader of your esteemed daily. I have been reading it regularly since ____________ (Years). Your newspaper is a true mirror of the soul, business and cultural events of the state of Illinois. I am appreciative of the language, style and print quality of your newspaper and congratulate your team for bringing out the daily with unequalled finesse on daily basis. However, I have noticed that your newspaper has not given adequate coverage to information, articles and features related to Information Technology. IT is a growing field and Americans are proud to have given this concept to the entire world. All the Internet servers are located here. Computers were born here and Bill Gates, the richest man on the earth, is a product of our society. Then, how could you ignore computers and IT?

You have published the articles about those firms, which have business interests in the field of IT. But you have always ignored the needs of readers, especially of the students, in respect of information related to computer software, computer hardware, and E-com and Internet operations. If the readers are not aware of the broad concept of E-com, how would the IT firms, which advertise so vehemently through your classified columns, be able to sell their products and services? Their businesses are closely linked to the exposure, obtained by through the features in your newspaper.

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It is never too late to commence a feature about IT in your newspaper. This is my humble request; it is the need of the readers of our city as well. I am also software professional. Why not start this feature with a series of my articles on IT?

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
(Your Name)


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