I roads and streets. Such poor lighting system

I shall be highly obliged if you would kindly allow a little space in your esteemed Daily to highlight the following.

Sir – “Attention is drawn to the authorities concerned that the street lighting system in the locality of________________ (Full address with Ward No.) Is extremely poor. This is causing serious inconveniences to the inhabitants of the locality. While in the other adjoining areas lighting system is extremely good with vapour lamps on the roads and streets, antiquated electric bulbs are still fitted in the light posts of this locality which is not at all adequate for the purpose of proper lighting of the roads and streets. Such poor lighting system in the area gives advantage to the thieves to steal in the twilight at night as they are not properly visible when they flee after committing theft. It is not understood as to why this locality is bereft of proper lighting system especially when other areas are fully equipped with modern lighting system.

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In the circumstances, I request the authorities concerned to look into the matter and arrange proper street lighting system in the area as early as possible. This will dispel the long standing grievances of the people living in this area.”

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)


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