Letter to the Newspaper Editor Regarding the Inconvenience caused to the People due to Inundation of Roads During Rainy Season

Sir – “For the last many years the people living in the locality of ____________ (Full address including Ward No.) are the worst sufferers during rainy season when ail the roads get submerged even after rains for half an hour and this rain water remains stagnant for days together in absence of proper outlets in the drains.

Not only this, the rain water enters the ground floors of almost every house and the members of the families have to live in nightmare as they are confined to their houses on their beds almost without food and drinking water due to their scarcity. When the toilets are also submerged they find extreme difficulty to respond to the nature’s call. Needless to elucidate, the sufferings of the people beggar description.

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It is extremely poignant to mention that the civic authorities have not so far taken any corrective measures to alleviate the distress of the residents of the area in spite of taking up the matter with them times without number/ by renovating the age-old drainage system for the reason best known to them.

It is now high time that the authorities concerned have to take immediate action in the matter to improve the situation, else the people will ill-afford to bear any further distress.

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)


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