Letter to the Newspaper Editor Regarding the Inconveniences being faced by the Residents of the Area for Long and Sporadic Power Cuts

The Editor,
(Newspaper Name)

Dear Sir,

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I shall be highly obliged if you would kindly leave a little space in your esteemed Daily to highlight the following. Sir – “Sporadic and long power cuts in the area, ____________ (Place) every day especially from ____________ (Time) to____________ (Time) have become a regular feature, for which sufferings of the people know no bounds. On the top of it, students preparing their studies for ensuing examination are the worst sufferers. They cannot depend upon candles which give twilight and is most insufficient for the purpose of studies. It is also surprising to mention that the street lights are switched on even at ____________ (Time) and go off next morning at ____________ (Time) when day light is plenty at both times.

This is a sheer wastage of electricity especially when there is acute power shortage in the state for which power cuts are felt necessary by the Electricity Department. The Department has to see that the situation improves immediately in order to obviate the inconveniences of the people.”

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)


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