Darling, the sanctity of your love. Irrelevant of

Darling, have patience. Love is not about betraying people who love us but making them agree to our viewpoint with logic. Remember, one can­not stay happy for a long time by hurting the loved ones. And believe me, I can definitely convince your people into this marriage proposal. Love is truth and we should up­hold this truth. Do not take unnecessary tension, have faith in God and leave the rest to me. I’m not going to let you down.

Forever Yours,
(Your name)

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Reply to the Previous Letter

(Name) darling,

I love you more than anything for opening my eyes. I al­ways thought that love is blind, but your letter has cleared the mist and now I’m sure that love is mature and more than that it is a sense of feeling for everyone you love. Tell you ____________ (Name), I got carried away by my emotions and committed this stupidity. I’m sure that anyone else in your place would have eloped with me, but your letter ex­pressed the sanctity of your love. Irrelevant of the fact that we get married or not, you will always have a very special place in my heart. Your simplicity and your matu­rity are the two important aspects which drew me to­wards you at the very first instance. Your letter has given me the strength to convince my parents also and now without any fear I’ll talk to my parents. Darling, I have full faith in you that you’ll not let me down and continue to boost-up my morale in such critical time. For me, you are the ultimate example of a “perfect man”, and for me no lesser mortal will do.

Yours and only yours,
(Your name)


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