Lord Golding you read about a group of

Lord Of The Flies by William Golding includes numerous literary elements such as symbolism, characterization and irony that help develop central ideas. One example of symbolism is the conch which represents a sense of unity and power or leadership. This text includes the analyzation of symbolism and the meaning behind it. Symbolism keeps readers interested in the story by giving readers the pleasure of elaborating off of symbols. In Lord Of The Flies by William Golding you read about a group of boys stranded on an island without adult supervision, struggling to the darkness and evil within people emerging when exposed to the savagery that the island offers.The island as a whole may be seen as a symbol of isolation but it has many contributing symbols within it. Ralph accused Jack of deviating from the norm when he says “You and your hunting! We might have gone home.”(70 Golding). The signal fire was created to notify passing ships that they were stranded on this island. In the beginning the boys maintained the fire very nicely. But as the fire dims or goes out so does their desire to be civilized and rescued. At this point, they have given in to the savagery that the island offers. Therefore the signal fire measures the amount of sanity and civilization left in the boys. When one of the boys claim they’ve ” seen the beast with our own eyes”(76 Golding). The beast is thought to be nonexistent at the beginning of the book because they all still had maintained their sanity and civilized ways. But as the book goes on we start to see the boys leave offerings for the beast as if it was some type of god. Their beliefs in this beast become stronger as they give in to savagery. Only Simon gets the idea that the fear of the beast only lies within them, the rest of the boys cease to realize this. As the boys loose realization of their situation and become more and more savage the belief of the beast grows stronger and only Simon notices that their behavior is what brought the beast to life.One may think that the name “Piggy” is just a silly nickname the boys use. Although this is true there are many meanings behind his name and his characteristics. While the boys were discussing they asked themselves “What could a beast eat? Pig we eat pig” (chapter 5 Golding). This shows that pigs are the only thing they hunt to eat. Pigs were the only things being hunted on this island before the beast appeared. Out of all of the boys Jack picks on and abuses Piggy the most. Pigs are also very intelligent much like Piggy. Without piggy the boys lose the sense of knowledge and civilized behavior completely. When” the boys were a closed circuit of sympathy with Piggy on the outside He went very pink, bowed his head, and cleaned his glasses again”(21 Golding). Although Piggy represents humanity, intelligence, balance, and organization whenever Piggy gets hurt, mad, or humiliated, he takes his glasses off and cleans them, as if to get rid of any impurities such as humiliation or pain. He shows a sign weakness that none of the boys notice. Oftentimes when he does not have his glasses his personality changes and he quickly becomes easily aggravated and savage. This symbol is most clear when the boys use Piggy’s specs to light the signal fire, which symbolize many things.Therefore I believe that Piggy’s glasses are foreshadowing the upcoming anger of Piggy and what might happen in the future.The amount of savagery is a main component in Lord Of The Flies and these symbolic factors help manage and infer the levels of savagery throughout the book. William golding does not portrait their loss of innocence and accumulation of savagery as a tragedy. Instead he portrays it as a natural thing that will occur when there is a loss of regulations in a proper society, and uncontrollable human desire that lies within.