Yours usual. I’ve pur­chased some books for you

Yours Friend “in-waiting”
(Your name)

Reply to the Previous Letter

My Caring (Name),

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Your letter showed the amount of maturity that very few people exhibit at your age. I should thank the Almighty for having gifted me with such a lovely human being. Your letter brought me a lot of relief. To confess you, I was feeling quite insecure after leaving you, but now rest as­sured, I can count you among the rare on which I can fall back whenever needed.

You have been a sense of inspi­ration for me and your influence can never be forgotten. To you I owe my success. Out here, most of my col­leagues are good and I’m involved in lot of extra-curricular activities. Last Sunday, all of us went for a movie, but I was missing you a lot. Yeah ____________ (Name), you are a part of my life and the most caring person I have met till now. Take good care of yourself. Cut down your smoking. I’m sure you are not going to listen to me, as usual. I’ve pur­chased some books for you which I’m sending to you. Keep writing and motivating me. It may sound trite, but I love you.

Yours Ever Loving,
(Your name)


I'm Johnny!

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