(M1) of warehouses and brushes will reduce the

(M1) Explain the benefits of
using automated techniques for the manufacture of an electronic circuit.

advantages of using automated techniques to produce electronic circuits are some
SMT devices that are used properly to create a visual image of the design plan.
This allows PCB to reduce the risk of redevelopment of this project by
incorporating error designs such as non-essential marks, signals, etc. before
the start of the conference process. PCB mobility can be very difficult; Not
only are electronic parts and small pallets, but each section should be well
laid out. With short circuits, engineers usually do not have time to
“learn from their mistakes.” The machine maker closely related to
each product of the product, which may erase the changes that may come from
work. This facilitator facilitates the creation of additional documents PCB if
ever asked. You do not need professional and mechanical engineers if you want
to invest. SMT machines combine to create an affordable and affordable
structure that can work quickly and efficiently, the search of warehouses and
brushes will reduce the potential for future problems. Investment allowance
varies from day to day, depending on the stress of the Board.

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work has the wrong mistakes, while unwanted machines can reduce errors. For
example, computers do not get tired or distracted from personal problems. Of
course, the machine cannot look at human creativity and ability, but when it comes
to repatriating work, you can get much more to do, less time. Therefore,
automation is usually contracted to meet the required level of requirements.

automated system can easily integrate the quality check and verification to
reduce the number of intangible categories generated by allowing the census of
the cyber system which will allow continuous and similar products.

Task 2

are simple automated PCBs, parts are side-by-side, and round the other. Since
there is only one computer, it is called PCB. There are limited structures, so
often it is used for PCB printing. The only PCB chart is usually used for the
publication of the website. This should be printed with brass, then print a
strong mask, finally wrap to finish the cracks and measurements. PCB Multilayer
is the name, which is a PCB board with two layers, for example, four layers,
six layers, eight layers, etc.

it is a couple of sides, and then they have a lot of features with two floors
PCB: more than two track layers, along with insulating materials between the
layers, the gap between the nature of the behaviour must be linked through
drilling, loss of needed.

advantages of the semiconductor seats are contained in the boards, the
high-density material, the volume will be small, and the balance is light. The
high density reduces the space position which means it can be trusted. As there
are many layouts, they will be flexible and designated for PCB design. And she
plays the speed of speeds at the speed of speed.

circuit boards in the circles are the result of the development of electronic
technology to speed up, a lot of work, performance, and low. With the
continuous development of technology, especially the large complex service
demand, many PCBs have several items on the line, the blind and the burial, the
high technology – the high density, the improvement, and the high layer meet
the needs of the markets.

Task 4

Back Annotation is the process of putting delays
from a given source for the cells in a net list during simulation.

Back annotation will
open an additional window with a set of options. This will put parasitic
resistors and capacitors in the new extracted view. The back-annotation functions are used to extract timing delays from
your post layout data. Back
annotation provides a facility to make changes in the PCB design to the net
names and component reference names, either manually or in the case of
component names automatically, and to then apply those changes back to the
master or original Schematic design.


Forward annotation
is the process of sending schematic changes to a corresponding PCB layout. NI
Multisim automates the process of forward annotation.

The details of the
preliminary are an important step in the design process and is the most
important way to improve PCB exercises by improving the errors found in the
prototype investigation. Simple and easy to use system ensures that all updates
for the system are automatically detected by the PCB.

Design rule checking (DRC) is the area of
electronic design automation
that determines whether the physical layout of a chip layout satisfies a series
of recommended parameters called design

Design rules are a series of
parameters provided by semiconductor manufacturers that enable the designer to verify the correctness of
a mask set.

Design rules are specific to a
semiconductor manufacturing process. A design rule set specifies certain
geometric and connectivity restrictions to ensure sufficient margins to account
for variability in semiconductor manufacturing processes, to ensure that most
of the parts work correctly.



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